How do you visualize success?

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The Workshop

This workshop was conceived as an empowering workshop to gain confidence to bring you forward. An executive coach and a fashion designer lead the discussion on how you demonstrate the inner you to the outer world, through what you say, what you do, and what you wear. They believe that awareness plus action results in change. Their process centers on knowing yourself and where you want to go, inspiration to see how it can be accomplished, and demonstrating who you are on the outside. They give clear steps going forward. 

meet the speakers

Anna Ranieri, MBA, PhD
Anna, a career counselor and executive coach, psychologist, and author, believes that we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled in our lives and our work. Anna is also an Advisor to Savitude.

Camilla Olson, MBA, MFA
Camilla is an accomplished businesswoman, inventor & designer. She sees fashion as a language to express self, intelligence, & confidence. 
Camilla is CEO of Savitude.