Visual Role Models

Mimic the Style of Leaders

Life is wonderful because we can choose our friends. At work we, too, can choose whom to befriend. But there is a third choice too. With whom will we identify? There are three basic groups to choose from:

  • Our peers,
  • Those who report to us,
  • Or, with those to whom we report. 

How we dress signals which direction we intend to go: up or down the corporate ladder. One of the best things we can do is to look at what others are doing. How our peers are dressing is easy to answer, but they don't have the most input on our future. Perhaps one of the best questions to ask is, how are the highest ranking people dressing? More often then not, they are dressing to express their confidence and competence.

Our Visual Role Models

One of the quickest and simplest ways to deciding your career wardrobe is to look to the woman currently holding the position you are working towards. How does she dress? The problem is, if there is no woman in your dream job, it can be tricky to find other good examples. To help solve this issue we've put together a sample summary of our Visual Role Models. Intrigued? Help us build out our Photo Map [tbd].