We want to give you the vision and tools to create change in your life.
— Camilla and Anna


Our purpose is to help you optimize effectiveness and advancement in the workforce to achieve your personal goals. Through our supporting written materials and our empowering workshop we help you gain the confidence you want to bring your life/career/wardrobe forward. We show you how you can 

  • Demonstrate your best personal and professional capabilities
  • Understand who you are, where you want to go, and the steps to get there
  • Get personal feedback from two career professionals

Both of us have experienced several major career changes. Through those events we've learned some good lessons we'd like to pass along. The first was to know who we are on the inside and the second was to authentically represent ourselves in the workplace. We always found we were most successful when our persona - the way we speak, the way we act, and the way we dress - reflected our goals. 

Anna Ranieri MBA, PhD
Anna, a career counselor and executive coach, psychologist and author, believes that we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled. 

Camilla Olson MBA, MFA
Camilla is an accomplished business woman, inventor and designer. She sees fashion as a language to express self, intelligence & confidence


The old adage is true, dress for the job you want, not he job you have
— Sheri Cole

It all started with The Workshop. Our Co-Founder and CEO Camilla Olson started her fashion label with the goal of providing the underserved professional woman with a wardrobe to match their work needs. It is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the US and yet work wear for women makes up only a fraction of clothing production. How many women have lamented over trying to find that perfect blazer or a great power dress? And the answer is different for each woman. Not every figure is suited to a sheath silhouette, just like not every complexion can wear the color of the season. 

This spurred Camilla to enlist her long time friend and colleague Anna Ranieri to help develop a standard for women who want a simple how-to guide to dress for the office with their goals in mind. Their connection began with a shared MBA background. Their connection continued in pursuit of graduate degrees. Anna completed her PhD in Psychology and now has a private practice as an executive coach; Camilla later went on to earn her MFA in Fashion & Textile Design. Together, they created Visualize Success, hear from them directly below.