Savitude's new shape-driven shopping experience
and hand selected clothing marketplace
helps women discover a personal style
while learning tips on how to best dress their body shape. 


The Savitude App for the iPad and iPhone,
 now available on the the App Store . 

    Free shipping & free return shipping,
if necessary.



The app features include:

  • 9 body shapes from a scientific study* using 3D body scanning

  • 11 dress silhouettes assessed to optimize appearance
  • Illustrated ideas for dresses, jackets, sweaters, shirts, skirts, pants, jeans, accessories and tips
  • Expanding knowledge base

Real time shopping by shape

  • Direct links to personalized clothing selections 
  • Multiple designer points of view 
  • New designers added regularly

Expect what you need.
Free shipping to you,
and a free return trip, if needed.



*Instinctively, many of us know that the basic sizing system is not adequate for finding clothes that fit well. 
Body shape information in the Savitude App is derived from scientific research. For more on our scientific approach, please feel free to contact us.