Savitude Announces AI Shape-Filtering Technology for Brands & Retail

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Machine learning lets brands automatically build personalized, curated shape-based boutiques for each shopper

San Francisco, California – May 16, 2017 – Savitude has announced its new SaaS based platform for global retail companies during TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Battlefield on Tuesday, May 16. Aimed at minimizing the returns plaguing online shopping, Savitude’s platform leverages machine learning and knowledge-based systems to curate brand’s inventories into personalized boutiques built for each user.

Savitude utilizes machine learning to classify design details in brands’ entire inventories based on a Patent Pending Knowledge Base of over 9,000 rules. Consumers are led through a brief questionnaire that determines their body shape (based on a peer-reviewed scientific study rather than the traditional basic “fruit body shapes”) and are presented a personally-curated boutique based on their shape and proportion. The Savitude platform only displays the pieces from the brand’s inventory that will complement the user’s individual proportion and shape.

“When consumers shop through the Savitude platform they can rest assured that all the pieces they are browsing through will fit their body shape and proportion.” Founder Camilla Olson said. “Our team is comprised of former fashion designers – we are taking that knowledge of fit and design and repurposing it to make retail smarter, helping both brands and consumers.”

On average, 30% of goods purchased online are returned, this rate rises to 70% in the luxury category; in aggregate, returns are a $30 Billion problem in women’s clothing in the US alone. The primary reason for returns is fit. Savitude gives brands a platform that is designed specifically to provide consumers only with clothing that is suitable to their shape to make shopping easier and to minimize returns.

Savitude launched its platform, with San Francisco-based fashion brand JAKE as its launch partner, during TechCrunch Disrupt NYC after being announced as one of its Battlefield competitors.


About Savitude

 Savitude offers a SaaS, body shape-based recommendation technology for retail to increase conversion and reduce returns.  Savitude believes the primary approach to address the retail “fit” problem is to evaluate shape and design details for the mutual benefit of consumers and retailers. Driven by data, Savitude rationalizes inventory and reduces return rates by presenting consumers with the right assortment of clothing and accessories personalized for their body shape, based on inventory analysis and its machine learning and knowledge-based systems.


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