Savitude Spotlight: Roshell Rinkins, Founder of Liquid Courage

The Savitude Spotlight series was created to highlight women entrepreneurs and professionals who are creating their own career paths. Roshell Rinkins is not only the founder of a cosmetics line called “Liquid Courage” but also an advocate for women, community builders and serial entrepreneurs. We wanted to learn more about the inspiration behind Liquid Courage as well as her career and style tips.

What inspired you to create Liquid Courage Cosmetics?

Unlike my peers I was super late to the “beauty party.” In fact, I’m embarrassed to say this now but I purchased my first lipstick (only wore lip gloss) at the age of 23. It was serendipitous that I would start my career at Procter & Gamble (P&G), home of the Cover Girl brand, which was sold to Coty last year. During my time there, I came across a study where women shared how bold, fearless, and courageous they felt when wearing lipstick. The name Liquid Courage stuck and represented what I felt embodied what women were looking for in a beauty brand. When I left P&G, it was the perfect opportunity for me to start my own beauty brand and create a virtual beauty destination for women. Liquid Courage is for the time-deprived woman with an on-the-go lifestyle who provides meaning and value to their families, businesses, and communities.

By leveraging beauty as the connector, Liquid Courage offers a suite of lifestyle services and products to our community of 15K+ beauty enthusiasts. From virtual beauty & grooming education to our Courage Speaks Series and our bold merchandise, Liquid Courage isn't just a brand.....It's a Lifestyle!                            

What role does personal branding have on your career? 

Immediately following my first promotion after graduation, I quickly realized that while performance is important, your personal brand equity and how many knew about the work you were doing i.e. exposure carried just a much weight as your work results. Whether we like it or not image matters. Leverage it where appropriate to drive business and career success. 

Last month, Liquid Courage launched its first live event: The Eye in IMAGE: PowHer Brunch to help teach women how to shape their personal narrative and fifty plus attendees walked away with an actionable game plan to upgrade their personal brand. The EYE In image event is an empowering conversation for women seeking to take their personal brand to the next level. If you are interested in attending a future PowHER brunch, please sign up here

Do you have tips on managing being an entrepreneur while working a full-time job?

The most common question I get from aspiring entrepreneurs is around work life balance. Balance is personal and it’s up to the individuals to define work life balance for themselves. Balancing between the two is never easy especially if you compound the added responsibilities of the other titles we hold, mother, wife, caretaker, and the list goes on. While balancing is an art versus a science, here are three tips that helps me balance between my very demanding full-time job and being an entrepreneur. 

1.  Prioritize and Focus. I read a study that showed 70% of employees are only effective 3 out of the 8 hours during a typical work day. I don't check personal e-mails or surf the web during core work hours. I also maximize lunchtime or commute times to work on quick action items for my business. I figured the more efficient I became at my 9-5 the more time I created to work on my passion based business. Optimizing your productivity will yield incredible dividends for your business.   

2.  Outsource. Make no mistake about it I’m a recovering control freak so it should be no surprise why outsourcing is the balancing tip I struggle with the most. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you decide what items you can outsource which frees you up to work on growing the business.  

3.  Full-time job = Angel Investor. I view my full-time job as an angel investor in my early stage start up. It affords me the opportunity to invest in my passion. I have to do a good job in my full-time job because I depend on the resources and the capital to ensure that Liquid Courage continues to thrive. There can’t be one without the other. Small business experts recommend you keep your 9 to 5 until you have a 24-36 months worth of savings each in your personal and business emergency fund. This will help cover business and personal expenses while you build your business. While you still have a full-time job, use the time to test the market, develop professionally and perfect your business model. 

What is your power outfit? 

My power outfit is comprised of a black top and pant or skirt. You can typically find me in a black pencil skit and peplum shirt with an accented zipper preferably gold. I complete my look with a fierce pump and a bold lipstick to add a splash of color. Black is very slimming, timeless, and almost always perfect for every occasion. 

What are tips for women to choose different Liquid Courage colors?

That's the great thing about Liquid Courage, our shades were curated keeping in mind the many different skin tones and multi-cultural women we serve. Our goal is that every woman in and outside of our beauty community see themselves in our brand. For an everyday lipstick choose a color that is at least a shade or two from your natural lip color. Lipsticks should be chosen by skin complexion. Read more about how to pick the right lip color by visiting:

Liquid Courage: Red in Rome Matte Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Courage: Red in Rome Matte Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Courage:  Fruit Punch Matte Lipstick

Liquid Courage:  Fruit Punch Matte Lipstick

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