Savitude at Techstars: Week 11 Update


Our Demo Day is scheduled for Oct 11. Tickets are going fast. Please plan to come and register for your space here. Admission is FREE.  We would love to see you!

Our A/B test is underway. You can visit the dresses page on, but be sure to order a dress! 

We are able to see results for completion of the questionnaire. For the past 8 days, an amazing 87.7% of shoppers completed the Savitude questionnaire.

We do not know the conversion/uplift as target reports their numbers in a different manner. The apples to apples: dresses to dresses comparison is underway. studies have been undertaken.  Highlights are: Messaging was understood, questionnaire was easy to get through, testers were confident in the results and found it valuable. Struggles were very small. Favorite comment. “You nailed it.”

We will conduct an in store test at Target next week.  Details to follow.


Corey KellyComment