Savitude Spotlight: ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women

Many women are making career changes such as exploring new directions, advancement or assessing their skill set for a new field. Along with that, there are large numbers of women who have taken breaks in their career and looking to return to work. Savitude's mission is helping women advance their careers so we want to highlight organizations supporting that effort. 

ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women has 8-week and 5-day accelerators as well as 2-day programs to learn and practice essential office, job search and tech skills while building long-lasting networks and confidence.  Their Club ReBoot, with chapters around the country, meets a minimum of twice a month to listen to speakers, hold workshops and networking events. We had the opportunity to interview inspirational entrepreneur Beth Kawasaki, VP of ReBoot Accelerator for Women, to learn more about the program and learn some career tips.

Beth Kawasaki, VP ReBoot Accelerator For Women

Beth Kawasaki, VP ReBoot Accelerator For Women

 Tell us about ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women

ReBoot believes in the life long career potential of women. And, just like Savitude, recognizes that 'one size fits all' works nowhere.

Careers are no longer linear. Women (and men) will make many career choices during their lifespan, with nearly half off-ramping to care for others for a period of time. ReBoot is there to help women on-ramp when they need to and are ready to.

But one of the barriers we all face, is the rapid speed of tech innovation. The workplace we are returning to can look and feel very different than the one we left. So the ReBoot Accelerators focus on getting women current in todays office and job search technologies, connected to fresh professional networks, and confident to pursue their career goals. Accelerators are offered in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Chicago, and NYC.

Club ReBoot is like a gym membership for your professional development, whether one is returning to work or already working. It offers several workshops and networking events each month, like "Refining Your LinkedIn Profile" or "How to use Social Media for Personal Branding", and is currently in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Marin, Seattle, Chicago and soon Portland and NYC. We hope to have 300 chapters with 30,000 women in the near future.


What are some key tips for people when it comes to returning to work?

The best advice we have is to think about it as you off-ramp. If you have a plan for your pause, the on-ramp in will be all the easier. In any case, these four things are musts.

1.   Keep your current network fresh by continuing (or developing) a professional presence on LinkedIn, social media, or through regular participation/leadership at professional events/seminars

2.  Continue to grow your network by nurturing the new relationships you develop through your children's schools, faith communities, or non-profit and civic volunteer work.

3.  Be selective about your volunteer work. Which organizations and roles will allow you to re-purpose professional skills, learn completely new ones, and add to your credibility as an agile relevant and effective leader?

4.  Live with a growth mindset. The work world will continue changing and we will need to change and grow to participate in it. So read voraciously and seek out courses and opportunities to try on potential careers and gain skills that will be important to your future.

A pause can be an incredibly creative time for our families and our careers. And it pays to be strategic and intentional about the choices we make during it.

What are your favorite "go to" outfits for meetings or presentations?

I like figure skimming solid colored dresses or leg elongating black pants that I can move in with total confidence and accessorize with distinctive shoes. There is nothing worse than show and tell fabrics or tight anything when up in front of a group.

How do you find out more about ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women?

Our website ( is where women can find out about upcoming Career Accelerators and Club ReBoot events in their markets, and I'm biased, but our redesigned newsletter is fantastic and features our weekly blog, job of the week, tech tips, ReBoot research, and more for women returning to or changing up their work. You can sign up on the website or here .


Left to Right: Elke Teichmann, Patty White, Diane Flynn, Beth Kawasaki, Jeannie Cole, Dana Posey, Chrissie Kremer, Kristin Vais

Left to Right: Elke Teichmann, Patty White, Diane Flynn, Beth Kawasaki, Jeannie Cole, Dana Posey, Chrissie Kremer, Kristin Vais

Last, but not least, ReBootAccel is very active on social media, daily contributing original and curated content for our return to work women. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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