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Every woman has the ability to determine her own style and set her own goals. When it comes to dressing for her career, she should feel empowered to put her own creative spin on her personal style while taking into account the unwritten industry, job level and geography norms.  A streamlined career wardrobe is just one of the tools at her fingertips.  The other tools include embracing her own career path, finding new ways for professional development and connecting with networks of fellow professional business women. Having these tools will help will increase confidence which positively impacts performance at work.  “Business is the new style”, it will level the playing field.

Savitude is a marketplace that offers a whole new way of shopping that simplifies women's access to the clothes she needs, in contrast to the limited retail environment and confusing workplace expectations. Savitude presents different viewpoints on how women dress for work with specific clothing suggestions based on body shape algorithms. Savitude is also creating a community with rich content, educational tools, and support for all 63 million US working women as they move forward in their careers and increase diversity in management.

Savitude's app and marketplace includes these features:

  • Specific style guidelines based on body shape to get better fitting clothes. In a peer-reviewed study over 200 women were scanned using 3-D technology and over 22 points digitized. The authors analyzed the data to describe the female body and found 9 body shapes offered a better alternative to current sizing challenges. Savitude incorporated these 9 body shapes in the app
  • Savitude then went to the fashion design studio and took the 12 basic silhouettes used in design language. The Savitude app first helps you find your body shape and then select a flattering Silhouette. Next, it offers the ability to shop by that silhouette by going directly to a personalized shop.
  • Different viewpoints on how women dress for work by city, industry and in different work atmospheres, bringing clarity to apparel choices in a confusing workplace.
  • A community with rich content, educational tools, and support for working women around the globe.

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