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Camilla Olson

Every morning I walk to my closet and the same thing happens. I remember the voices that trigger an instinct to search for clothes to make parts of me smaller, taller, more business-like or to quiet an occasionally loud personality. This happened as a corporate executive, a VC, as a founder through several biotech start ups, and again this morning. I worked with friends and consultants to learn ways to make it easier, but it was a mystery. Finally in 2007 I went back to school to do a second master’s degree, MFA in fashion design.

We believe there are many women who are interested in their wardrobes but are more interested in other pursuits or don’t have the time to follow fashion closely. There are also many women who are not confident in their ability to assemble a good-looking outfit. We think there is a need for a practical approach to designing interesting clothing for women who lead busy and sometimes complicated lives.

Today, my goal is to make clothes that make it easier for women to get dressed to help them get on their way. We have designed a foundational collection that takes a woman from the work place and into the rest of her life. A fundamental philosophy is to provide 9 pieces that make 30 washable looks. 

We design and manufacture ready-to-wear in northern California, that is ridiculously comfortable and can be worn both to work and in your life Monday through Sunday.

— Camilla, 2010 - 2015