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Leadership & Communication

Harvard Business ReviewAnna writes "Your Team Can't Read Your Mind"

News to Live By: Anna is quoted in "100 Business Leaders Spot Potential in New Hires

Refinery29: Anna contributes to5 Ways to Become a Kickass Communicator


Career + Interviewing

Harvard Business Review: For those of us who have had an unusual path-  in a professional career, community service, or creative activities-  it can be important to "connect the dots" so that others can understand how our experiences come together to inform what it is that we do, or want to do, now. Perhaps, this article "Turning your Complex Career Path into a Coherent Story" can be a useful reminder to you or someone you know.

U.S. News and World Report: Anna  is quoted onHow to Answer the Five Toughest Interview Questions

Harvard Business Review : Anna writes "How to Assess a Job Candidate Who Doesn't Fit the Mold"

Stanford Alumni on Medium: Anna's interview on “Framing your fuzzie-ness on what you studied in college"



LadyLux: Anna is quoted in this article, "How Night Owls Can Be A Success," about how people succeed by understanding the timeframe in which they function best.



New York TimesCareer Couch article by Eilene Zimmerman in the Business Section. Relocation, and the various stressors it entails, is discussed in Anna and Joe’s book. 


Psychology Today: Anna is quoted in the blog post by Linda Andrews: “Nine Ways to Relieve Stress by Gardening”

Harvard Business Review Blog: Anna considers what to do “When Two of Your Co-Workers are Fighting


Work challenges: 

Harvard Business Review: Following the recent, and sudden, death of Dave Goldberg, the well-loved CEO of SurveyMonkey, Anna was asked to write a piece for the Harvard Business Review on the topic of shared grief at work,"Why people cry at work." It was part of a series on emotional intelligence for managers.  She was able to write about a situation of shared grief that she'd experienced in her own former workplace and about some general issues that may arise in this situation.  If you like it, Anna asks that you leave a comment on the HBR site.  If not, please be kind and don't make her cry!  

Harvard Business Review: Anna writes "How to Handle Shared Grief at Work

LJN Radio's Employment Notebook Further on the topic of why people cry at work, people continue to read and comment on the article Anna wrote about it in the summer 2015. The moderator of this radio program that covers career-related topics asked Anna to talk about this on his show.  Here's the link to that conversation (warning; it's 15 minutes long), in case it's of interest to you or someone you know

Mashable: Anna is quoted in: "How to Grieve at Work


Marriage Advice

Lunch Break, WSJ: Anna appeared with Elizabeth Bernstein on the Wall Street Journal show Lunch Break. The topic is "The Best Marriage Advice? Don't give Advise". Anna believes that this may be useful to remember, not just with spouses or partners, but with friends, colleagues or family members. 

Women's Health: Anna quoted in 4 Ways to Deal When You Work With an Ex

RadioMD:In the online broadcast, Anna discusses "Working with an Ex: How to Deal"      

Redbook: Anna Discusses how to avoid vacation fights.

Redbook: Anna discusses how to avoid vacation fights 


Reactions to the News

AllParenting: Anna is mentioned on the topic “Is the News Making You Depressed” 

Helping a Friend:

Palo Alto Weekly: Interview with Anna: "Helping (or not helping) a Friend" by Sue Dremann

Wall Street Journal: Anna is quoted in Elizabeth Bernstein's "Bonds" column on the pitfalls of giving advice 

Harvard Business Review: Anna contributes to "When You're Worried About a Colleague's Mental Health"


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